Step 2: Presentation

A table showing our Six Steps for Outstanding Learning, which are: Step 0 Orientate, Step 1 Prior Knowledge, Step 2 Presenting, Step 3 Challenge, Step 4 Feedback, Step 5 Repetition

So now we’re onto Step 2: Presentation.

Step 2 is the presentation of the new learning. This might be you teaching, or the students reading a textbook or watching a video, or the students watching a demonstration.

The retention at this stage is about 5%, and it varies: some students learn a lot, whereas others learn nothing.

An image of students walking down a school corridor


In this section you can find out about effective ways to improve Presentation. These include:

  • Linking to prior knowledge.
  • Recognising the limits of Working Memory.
  • Using an Advance Organiser to create the big picture.
  • Using graphical and multi-sensory methods.
  • Linking abstract ideas to concrete examples


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